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Good Day Sunshine Cowl

I’m sure you all have noticed the resurgence of chevron patterns lately.  And for good reason, too!  They’re kind of awesome.  They add an entirely different element to traditional stripes and they give your project that “wow” factor.  While they look difficult to create (and if you’re in the mood to impress, we can keep the actual level of difficulty our little secret), in reality they’re quite simple and a lot of fun.  And what a perfect way to brighten up your summer wardrobe by adding a splash of yellow around your neck!

Betsy created this bright and cheery cowl as a birthday gift, but it has made such a splash around the shop that we decided to keep it around for a while.  She chose to knit her cowl out of Classic Elite Yarns’ Sprout, using just over one skein of each color.  However, you could easily shave off a few inches from the cowl and work the entire cowl out of one skein of each.  And as Sprout is made of 100% organic cotton, you will be able to wear this scarf all summer long, staying stylish outside while keeping away the chill of the air conditioning inside.  The pattern incorporates a lot of different techniques, including the provisional cast one, yarn overs, ssk, k2tog, and kitchener stitch, making this a wonderful way to increase your confidence as a knitter as well as your skill level.

If you’re interested in adding this awesome cowl to your wardrobe, click here for the pattern!  And don’t forget to stop by to check out all of our amazing colors of Sprout!


Color Block Infinity Scarf

This year I’m all about easy, reversible cowls, and this one really hits the mark.  What I love most about this cowl is its simplicity.  While I love the look of striped knits, sometimes the thought of all of the stranding, coupled with the multiple balls of yarn, can be a bit daunting.  Especially as I seem to grow more and more relaxed (or lazy) with my knitting as the years pass.  This cowl incorporates the striped aesthetic while still maintaining the mindless knitting.

Leslie chose to knit her Color Block Infinity Scarf using Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool using a color combination inspired by the Disney villain, Maleficent (kind of awesome, wouldn’t you agree?).  What I find most appealing about this yearn are the colors.  While each skein is solid, the dyeing process used creates a beautiful, heathered look.  So rather than getting a one-dimensional color, you instead end up with a unique, almost rustic look.  It’s truly wonderful.

Leslie chose six colors for her scarf, using one skein per color, however, feel free to make your Color Block Infinity Scarf as colorful as your heart desires!  Whatever color scheme you choose, it’s bound to look amazing! And with nearly 20 different colors from which to choose, your possibilities are nearly endless.  So if you’re interested in knitting your own scarf, click here for the pattern.  Happy Knitting! -Michael


Annual Knitted/Crochet Toy Drive!

It’s that time of year again! In case you’re new to this, we have spent the last three summers knitting and crocheting stuffed dolls and animals to donate to the incoming kindergarten class at Positive Tomorrows, an elementary school for homeless children in Oklahoma City.  Each year we have had such overwhelming success that we have been able to donate enough toys to supply not only the kindergarten class, but also the first grade class.  So this year we are once again turning to the knitting and crocheting community to help us make this year another success! As always, for each hand-crafted donation, you will receive an entry into a drawing for a $25 L&B Yarn Co. gift card.

I’ve kicked off this year with Herman, a stuffed Jelly Baby doll, knitted out of Cascade’s Pluscious.  What I love most about Herman is that he’s such an incredibly simple knit.  I modified the pattern slightly in order to eliminate the need for seaming at the end, but as this yarn lacks stitch definition, the seam would be virtually invisible if you choose to knit it flat rather than in the round.

If you’re interested in knitting Herman or any of his many other friends, you can find the pattern in Jean Greenhowe’s Little Gift Dolls here at the shop.  So stop by today and help bring a smile to a child who needs it.  Happy knitting! -Michael


The Lonely Tree Shawl

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking,  Why Amberly is your Lonely Tree Shawl so much smaller than the one photographed on the pattern picture?  Well, I think there are several reasons this happened.  First of all the pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn.  Well, I wanted to use our new Woobu from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, really though who can blame me, it’s beautiful, it’s soft, it has amazing yardage (620 yards), it’s bambu and merino wool, it’s lofty, it has a beautiful sheen, ok I’ll stop.  Lets just say it’s awesome!  So I chose my favorite neutral (spores) that’s the color name, another reason why it is awesome. And yes Amy, if you would like me to show you something in a nice neutral this is a good one, I can’t help it I love the neutrals ;)   After I chose my favorite new yarn, Leslie helped me find this beautiful pattern to knit up, because I was using more of a sport weight yarn I decided to go with a size 6 needle instead of what the pattern called for which was a size 9.

I should have known better, I know I am a tight knitter, probably should have knit it on a size 8 or stuck with the size 9 because of how tightly I knit.  The good news is, it didn’t all end badly.  I still love my little kerchief (not really a shawl).  It looks really cute wrapped up around your neck with a fancy shawl pin.  Plus, I still have lots of Woobu left in my favorite color to make something else.  To check out this free pattern just click here.  If you are interested in finding out more about the yarn and the pattern join us for our F.E.A.T. Wednesday, July 16th from 1:00pm-2:00pm to find out more about this gathering just click here. -B


Four Colour Log Cabin Baby Blanket

This is the perfect gift for your new little favorite someone! A quick and cute knit this very simple pattern requires very little concentration, the yarn is very soft and machine washable.  Who wouldn’t want to knit this project up?!  Although I didn’t knit the one in the photograph, I have to admit I am a little jealous that Leslie found this pattern before I did and got to use our new stock of Rowan All Seasons Cotton first.  Well you can’t win every time, and the good news is we still have a awesome stock so I’m sure I will use it sooner than later.  The All Seasons Cotton is a wonderfully soft cotton blend of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic.

I love that it has the 3-S’s, if you don’t know what that is it means it’s squishy, springy, and spongy all in one yarn ;)  I like that the pattern is a simple knit.  As long as you know how to knit and can pick up stitches you are ready to knit this pattern.  If any of that scares you just come to the shop and we can help.  If you are interested in the pattern it’s free just click here and you are ready to go.   If you are interested in an in depth presentation on the yarn and pattern don’t forget to join us for our F.E.A.T. Wednesday, July 2nd from 1:00pm-2:00pm.  Click here to find out more about this F.E.A.T. meeting. -B