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Random Yarn Facts

Dye Techniques

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We are always having discussions in the shop about different dye techniques and what their definitions mean.  After researching some different ways yarn is dyed I decided I would post some information on our site about this subject.  Yarn may be un-dyed, or may be colored with natural (organic) or artificial dyes.  Most yarns have a single uniform hue, but there is also a wide selection of variegated yarns: heathered, tweed, ombre, multi-colored, self-striping, and marled.  Heathered yarn usually appears solid at first glance, but if you inspect it closer you will see lighter and darker hues of the same color within the fiber.  Tweed is yarn with flecks of different colored fiber.  Ombre is variegated yarn with light and dark shades of a single hue; it is different from heathered yarn because the shades of single hues are in longer sections.  Multi-colored yarns are variegated with two or more distinct hues; for example, a “fruit salad colorway” might have green, pink, and yellow.  Self striping yarn is dyed with lengths of color that will automatically create stripes in a knitted or crocheted object.  Marled yarn is made from strands of different-colored yarn twisted together, sometimes in closely-related hues.  Each of these dye techniques will give a different look to whatever project you are creating.  A sweater knitted out of single uniform color can look like a completely different pattern if you knit it out of a multi-colored yarn.  That is the great thing about shopping for yarn: you can pick something that is a mirror image of your personality. -B





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