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Noro Mitered Coasters

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A project you can complete in just a few hours, what?  You can’t go wrong with these cute little slippers, what a fantastic gift.  We used just one skein of Cascade 220 but the options on color and how you knit them are endless.  You can knit them with two different colors making the bottom a different color than the top.  You can add an embellishment like a flower, button, or needle felt a design directly on the project.  You can hold the yarn double to make a thicker slipper or knit them out of a chunkier weight.  The pattern says using a DK weight yarn held double will work too!  Such a simple pattern knitted either on straight needles or back and forth on a short circular the slippers have only 19 rows.  If you are interested in joining us for some fun this Friday, May 1st from 1:00pm-5:00pm, we are offering a 4 hour workshop.  This will be a fun time to talk, snack, and meet fellow knitters while we all make a pair of Duffers.  The workshop is $25 and includes 1 skein of Cascade 220.  Participants will need to bring a pair of size 11 straight or circular needles, darning needle, and the pattern. The pattern can be purchased on Ravelry click here.  Just give us a call to sign up 405-310-3636.


Blooming Flower Cushion

Blooming Flower Cushion

Loving this cute little crochet cushion to brighten up the house for summer!  The original pattern which is actually a vintage potholder design from the 1940’s was rewritten and can be found on Ravelry using UK crochet terms just click here.  The free pattern includes a picture-heavy tutorial and explains precisely how the circle takes shape, you shouldn’t have any trouble giving this project a whirl.  We used 6 skeins of Berroco Comfort, the yarn is very soft and easily washed.  The cushion has a textured 3-dimensional front panel and a smooth back panel which helps it lay nicely either flat or upright.

Blooming Flower Cushion_2

I love the bright multicolored but I also think it would be fabulous in a nice neutral using its texture to add interest on a chair or sofa.  Starting from the center and working out with a size H crochet hook, changing colors as you go makes this a quick fun crochet.  We are also hosting this project as a F.E.A.T., Wednesday, April 22nd at 1:00.  For more information about F.E.A.T. just click here. -B



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Kika Knit-A-Long

L & B will be hosting our spring knit-a-long beginning Tuesday, April 7th from 5:30pm-7:00pm.  We will be knitting Kika by Olga-Burava-Kefelian a versatile triangular shaped shawl that transforms from a garment to an accessory.  Worked with custom pattern that creates differently textured looks on each side lends this knit to be completely reversible.

You can check out the pattern by clicking here.  The name Kika translates to geometry in Japanese.  While searching for the perfect DK weight yarn for this spring knit we decided to knit our Kika out of Rowan Purelife Revive, a yarn that is made up of completely recycled fibers (silk, cotton, and viscose).

This is quite a large project so we are planning on four meeting dates over a four month time span: April 7th, May 5th, June 2nd, and July 7th, each evening is a Tuesday and we will be here at the store knitting from 5:30pm-7:00pm.  All you need to do to participate is purchase the pattern on Ravelry and buy your yarn at L & B Yarn Co.  This KAL is an awesome way to meet fellow knitters.

Spaces are limited so please sign up by calling 405-310-3636, e-mailing, or coming by the shop to visit. -B


Cadence Shawlette

I can’t tell you how excited I am for warmer weather and sunshine!  Being a long time fan of Noro Yarn I have been looking for the opportunity to knit with Taiyo a heavy worsted cotton blend perfect for spring knitting.  I ran across this cute little Cadence Shawlette while searching Ravelry and was excited about its simplistic but interesting design.

The alternating segments of stockinette on the right and wrong side and lace stitches paired with the beautiful self striping Noro creates an interesting textural finished project.  It is also a great project for beginner knitters because all the stitches are basic increases, decreases, and yarn overs.  I was also able to complete the project out of two skeins of Taiyo.

I did increase the amount of repeats, instead of 2 completed 5 and then finished with 7 rows of garter stitch instead of 3 like the pattern calls for.  Even thought the yarn is a heavy worsted the cotton keeps the project lightweight and airy so you can enjoy it throughout the spring.  If you are interested in taking a look at the pattern just click here.



I love to see color combinations in completed projects and this one is absolutely beautiful.  Riddled with a multitude of yarn overs and a loose, open gauge, this shawl will keep you warm without causing you to overheat making it the perfect accent piece.  While Nymphalidea is full of yarn overs, the lace sections of the scarf do not consist of complicated lace patterns, keeping your shawl from becoming overwhelming to knit.  While more involving lace can be fun, you probably don’t want to juggle complicated lace motifs while working with two skeins of yarn.

Carolyn chose to knit her Nymphalidea out of one skein of  Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere and one ball of Crazy Zauberball.  The combination of the tonal Smooshy and the self-striping Zauberball creates a wonderful and unique color gradient.  Choose either a contrasting yarn to create a striking effect or choose a complementing yarn to achieve a more blended effect.

Whichever path you decide to take will present you with a beautiful shawl.  If you are interested in knitting this project you can check out the pattern by clicking here!  Thanks to Carolyn for bringing in her final project, it is lovely!  -B



After making the Pop Blanket from Tin Can Knits I began browsing through their other 91 designs and there are oh so many cute things to choose from.  I decided on these simple fingerless mitts.  Completely knitted in garter stitch these mitts are easy and the fabric is spongy just like a marshmallow.  Perfect for quick Christmas gifts you can knit these up to fit everyone you love, from a child to adult sizes small medium and large.  The pattern calls for a size 7 needle but I did go up to a size 8 needle to obtain the correct gauge, I finally knit something in the correct size, yay!  They fit perfectly.  I also knitted them entirely using the magic loop method using a size 32″ circular needle.  I love that you can add an accent button for a little interest, I even thought you could knit the entire family some in the same color and change the button so everyone knows which pair is theirs.  We used Ella Rae Lace Merino in the worsted weight yarn and this medium size mitt used 54 grams so I definitely have enough to knit a mini pair with my leftovers.  The Lace Merino can also be machine washed, bonus!!  Just click here to take a look at the pattern.-B

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Matchmaker Knit-A-Long

L & B will be hosting our winter knit-a-long beginning Tuesday, November 11th from 5:30pm-7:00pm.  We will be knitting Matchmaker by Martina Behm a versatile triangular shaped cowl perfect for keeping you cozy all winter long.  You can check out the pattern by clicking here.  Martina picked the name “Matchmaker” for this project because she matched two of her favorite hand dyed yarns.

We followed her lead in matching one of our favorite fingering weight merino wools in contrasting colorways, Colinette Yarns Jitterbug.  This pattern is suitable for beginners or more advanced knitters because it is all knit in garter stitch, and lets be honest, who doesn’t love knitting in garter stitch.  This is quite a large project so we are planning on four meeting dates over a four month time span: November 11th, December 9th, January 13th, and February 3rd.  All you need to do to participate is purchase the pattern on Ravelry and buy your yarn at L & B Yarn Co.  This KAL is an awesome way to meet fellow knitters.  Spaces are limited so please sign up by calling 405-310-3636, e-mailing, or coming by the shop to visit. -B


Gruesome Knitted Eyeballs

With Halloween just around the corner I am always looking for my next knitted decoration.  These quick gruesome eyeballs caught my “eye”.  Once I knit up a couple dozen I plan to stack them in a clear vase as one of my handmade heirloom decorations that I can pass down to the kiddos.  The free pattern that is posted on Ravelry by Mary Jane Mucklestone calls for fingering weight yarn, I went a little larger using Cascade 220 Superwash Wool in the worsted weight.  I think I could get in the neighborhood of 50-60 Eyeballs out of one skein of white and then you only need small amounts of colored yarn for the iris and the black pupil.  I would just like to say I don’t see me ever making 50-60 of these little guys but I think a couple dozen isn’t out of the question ;)

This would be a perfect way to get rid of some of those scraps that you just weren’t sure what to do with.  If you don’t have the colors you need and want to make a few, we have some kits made up here at the store.  I made a couple minor adjustments to the pattern including my favorite pin hole cast on and I worked each eyeball using the magic loop method.  To take a look at this pattern just click here. -B


POP Blanket

When I saw this pattern I had to start knitting it immediately, so that’s what I did.  I walked directly over to our Noro Kureyon and started picking skeins with super bright colors.  Then for the background.  Hmmm.  I’ve always wanted to crochet a granny square blanket using pops of bright colors with a black border, I could achieve that same look with this pattern only knitting circles instead of squares so I decided to go with the dark brown Cascade Eco Wool.  I picked out 3 skeins of Noro and 1 skein of Eco and then began knitting.

There was a bit of a learning curve with the pinhole cast on, but I can honestly say that I am so glad I have finally learned this technique.  It can be applied to lots of projects where you begin in the center.  The cast on gives you a fully closed center on the circles and the pattern construction is so extremely cool, each square is knit seamless.  I still have lots of yarn left and could have continued making more squares, so if you want yours bigger you could easily accomplish that with this amount of yarn.

After I completed my squares I steam blocked each one, then I crocheted them all together, after that you just add a crocheted edge to finish it off.  When I had completely finished weaving in all my ends I put it in the washing machine on gentle cycle with some wool wash and then pinned it out to dry.  If you are interested in the pattern just click here.  If you can’t wait to start making this project don’t forget we are hosting a F.E.A.T. on the POP Blanket tomorrow: Wednesday, September 17th from 1:00pm-2:00pm, join us!! -B