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I have been wanting Leslie to knit up this pattern for years and we now have the perfect yarn match for the pattern.  I love the adorable owl cables that make their way around the yoke of the sweater.  Some add cute little buttons for the eyes of the owls, I think either way looks great.  We used 3 skeins of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Gaea, a 100% certified organic 21.5 micron merino.  This hand dyed yarn is not only beautiful but extremely soft, I can’t wait to wear this sweater.


Knit from the bottom up the pattern is easy to read.  Leslie knit both her sleeves at the same time, this is a good way to ensure that your sleeves are exactly the same length.  The owl cables are easily memorized making the pattern paired with this amazing yarn a very enjoyable knit.  Just click here to take a look at the pattern. -B


Honey Cowl


The Honey Cowl by Antonia Shankland is one of my all time favorite knitted cowl patterns.  This is one of five that I have made over the last few years.  I’ve made wide to thin cowls and short cowls, the one pictured is the long cowl which I like because it can be wrapped twice around your neck for extra warmth during cold winter months.


The pattern is simple and knits up quite quickly, alternating from a slip purl row to a knit row and repeating.  The finished project gives a nice textured, dense waffle-like fabric and works up nicely in a tonal yarn like the one pictured.  It also looks good on both sides so you won’t need to worry about how it looks when you wrap it twice.  I used two hanks of Malabrigo Rios a wonderfully soft superwash merino wool.  The yarn is absolutely a dream to work with, it’s super soft and you can give it as a gift without being concerned about it felting.  To check out this free pattern on Ravelry just click here. -B



Spirit Within Me Cowl

Spirit Within Me Cowl_1

The Spirit Within Me Cowl by Shay Hobbs gives you the opportunity to create amazing color combinations.  The pattern calls for three different colors but you could also get away with just two different colorways by repeating the first color at the end.  Lindsey also decided to alter the pattern a little at the end creating an i-cord bind off which I think works well.  The pattern was inspired by a beautiful photo of Colorado landscape and would be the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe.  Lindsey used two colors of Malabrigo Rios and a bit of Tosh DK for her bind off.

Spirit Within Me Cowl_3

We just received a new Malabrigo shipment so there is lots of Rios to choose from.  This would also be a fantastic stash buster if you have a fantastic multi-color and two complimenting solids.  The cowl is designed to be large with some extra drape, but it could also be worn pulled down over your shoulders.  Check out this pattern on Ravelry by clicking here.  -B




Phaedra Cowl_2

I never get tired of knitting, I mean literally knitting miles of stockinette stitch and that’s part of the reason I love this cowl.  Using 600 yards of lace weight yarn and a size 5-24″ needle you will cast on and knit and knit and knit, changing colors as you go creating a dark to light cowl that can be wrapped double or worn long.

Phaedra Cowl

I love how the striping reverses from thick black stripes to light stripes and depending on how you double wrap the cowl, you can get different looks while wearing it.  This is a great project to add to your fall wardrobe, its not super thick and heavy but will definitely keep you warm as the weather begins to cool down.  Michael used two balls of Findley by Juniper Moon.  This gorgeous lace weight is a blend of 50% merino and 50% silk, the silk adds a gentle shimmer and creates a very soft, luxurious, drapey project.

Phaedra Cowl_1

We over 10 colors to mix and match in stock here at the store I know there are some great color combinations just waiting to be knit.  We also have the free pattern available, come by and check it out. -B


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Rose City Rollers

Top Down Socks_1

Fall is almost here and Leslie got the itch to knit up socks in just a couple of days.  This Rose City Rollers pattern by Mara Catherine Bryner is an easy, roll-top ankle sock project, just click here to take a look at the pattern.  These socks are knit from the top down, with a tradition heel flap and heel turn and the pattern has three size options available.  The pattern is perfect for beginner sock knitters or if  you are a more advanced knitter its a super fun knit.


Use your favorite bright sock yarn to knit yourself some fun socks and get ready for the cooler weather.  We used one hank of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in a bright multi-color.  I’ve also seen this pattern knit in a more muted Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere and those were pretty fantastic as well.  If you haven’t knit top down socks before and would like to learn L & B is offering a 3 part class in August that will teach students all about how to make top down socks, just click here for more information about this class! -B


The Walt


After much discussion about this pattern one afternoon at the shop I decided I had to make it.  I love the raised stripes, they make the blanket more unique than just a typical chevron pattern, although I love a chevron no matter what.  The garter stripes truly make the color pop out at you, it also gives baby a nice texture to play with.  You can have lots of fun picking colors for the 3 different stripes of color or this would even be a great stash buster.  I decided to use Cascade 220 Superwash, 5 balls total: 2 balls for my main color and 1 for each of my 3 raised accent stripes.


I also wanted my blanket a little wider, so I cast on 164 stitches for an extra repeat, putting my blanket at 30″ wide instead of 23″ wide, the perfect size for a crib blanket or toddler blanket.  If you are interested in making this blanket just click here.  I will also be giving an in depth description of this project at our next F.E.A.T. Wednesday, July 15th at 1:00 so please some join us! -B



Maharashtra Silk Citron


One of my favorite techniques for adding textural pleats or ruffles in knitting is ruching.  All you have to do to make this beautiful pattern is increase and decrease with a series of stockinette rows in between, a quick and simple knit!  The best part is for those of us who aren’t familiar with the technique it appears to be complicated but it is actually quite simple.


After eyeing the pattern on knitty for several months Leslie finally decided to knit a summer version of this semi-circular shawl using Maharashtra Silk a hand dyed 100% pure silk yarn, in a large hank of 800 yards.  You only need one hank which makes the shawl very affordable at $20, a great price for a hand dyed pure silk.


The pattern could easily be knit in other weights and fibers and still be just as lovely.  Leslie knitted the one pictured with one more repeat than the pattern directs, but you can easily add more repeats to make it even larger.  If you aren’t familiar with the pattern you can check it out by clicking here. -B


Campfire Shawl

Campfireshawl_1This lovely piece is knitted out of four balls of Classic Elite Firefly, the perfect summer weight yarn in a blend of viscose and linen, made in Italy.  The yarn has a unique texture with a slightly slubby but soft texture and a beautiful, glowing sheen.  The drape on Firefly is incredible and it blocks out wonderfully.


This shawl is the perfect size and weight to keep your shoulders warm on cool summer nights.  This shawl begins at the long side and then decreases by four stitches every row, one on each edge and a double decrease down the center of the piece.  I love the eyelet pattern paired with the rib on the edge adding interest and texture.


The pattern is easy to read and offers written instructions as well as a chart, perfect for every knitter.  You can check out the free pattern by clicking here. -B


Owl Basket

Owl Basket_1_edited-1

Usually we associate owls with intellectual wisdom or wisdom of the soul.  They are often seen as mysterious, mostly because many owls are strictly nocturnal and we have always found night to be full of mystery and the unknown.  I have just always loved anything owl; jewelry, clothing with owl print, and anything home decor.

Owl Basket_2

When I saw this pattern on Ravelry, I knew Leslie or I had to make it.  Of course with her speed of completing projects she beat me to the punch.  She used 2 skeins of Cascade Eco Wool and a size M crochet hook.  To get the large gauge you need to hold 4 strands together for this super thick sturdy fabric.  It is perfect for holding anything, but I think mine would need to be filled with yarn ;)  The finished basket is sturdy enough to stand up on its own or for easy storage just lay it flat.  You can get your copy of the pattern on Ravelry, just click here. -B


Noro Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf

Queen Anne_1

The Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf, as published by Khebhin Gibbons on his blog, 1craftyboy, is just about the perfect spring scarf, very open and airy.  This clever chain of crochet motifs looks great in virtually any yarn weight, composition or color.  It is especially fetching crocheted with Noro Silk Garden Sock because of how the yarn changes tones and colors as you are crocheting.

Queen Anne_3

Leslie crocheted this one out of a single skein and used a size g hook.  The scarf measures over 95 inches and with yarn left over, you could make it longer if you are wanting to wrap it several times.  It’s fun to wear with jeans or as a dressy lace addition to your favorite summer dress.

Queen Anne_2

In either case, it’s a very satisfying way to be complimented by perfect strangers.  The delicate pattern reminds me of intricate Victorian lace very feminine and beautiful. -B