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Summer Fun: Ojo de Dios

Another fun yarn craft for your little ones at home.  At some point in time most of us have probably made the Ojo de Dios, or God’s Eye.  I can’t really pin point the time or place of my first creation, but I do remember making one out of white, green, and red and using it as a Christmas ornament.  It is a simple weaving made across two sticks and is thought to have originated with the Huichol Indians of Jalisco, Mexico.  Kids can easily create many of these colorful God’s Eyes by glueing two popsicle sticks together and weaving around them with bright variegated or multiple colors of yarn.

All you need is some glue, popsicle sticks, yarn, and sissors.  Glue the two sticks together in a cross then take one end of the yarn and wrap it over and around one stick, then over and around the next, over and around the next and so on.  Keep wrapping in this manner until the yarn is gone.  For visual instructions click here.  Enjoy! -B

Kid Projects, Projects

Summer Fun: Yarn Headband


With Summer vacation just a few weeks away L & B is introducing a yarn project series just for kids.  I am always looking for fun easy crafts for my little ones to get their creativity flowing. This one fits into the quick, fun, easy, and cute category.


This is all you need to get started:  Go to your local Dollar Store and purchase a wide headband and your favorite color silk flower.  Coordinate your flower to match your yarn, we used a budget friendly yarn we carry at our brick & mortar store called “Coolspun Cotton”.


Using hot glue attach one end of the yarn to the tip end of the headband and start wrapping.  Wrap until the headband is completely covered and then glue on your silk flower.  Your project is complete and your little one will be excited to wear her new creation all summer long.


This is also a fun project for sleepovers or birthday parties.  Check back with us in the weeks to come for other yarn projects just for kids! -B





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