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Free Patterns

A Hint of Crochet Blanket


5 Hanks of Berroco Vintage: 2 of Main Color and 3 Accent Colors

Size 7-24” Circular Needle or Size to Obtain Gauge

Size G Crochet Hook


5 sts per Inch on Size 7-24” Needle


CO 100 Sts

1. Sl 1 as if to K, K across row

2. Sl 1 as if to P, P across row

Repeat last two rows working in stockinette stitch until piece is square and ending on wrong side row

BO on rs row

Crochet Border:

Beginning at the top corner on edge begin crochet border

1. Attach contrasting color by pulling yarn through corner and ch3 (this ch3 counts as one double crochet) in same hole 2 dc, ch 2, *skip 3 knit stitches and create a new hole 3 dc into that hole, ch 2* continue across. (approximately 26, 3dc clusters)

2. At next corner create a new hole and 3 dc into that hole, ch 3 to turn corner, 3 dc into same hole, ch 2.

3. Along the slip stitch edge *skip 2 slip stitches and create a new hole 3 dc, ch 2* continue across. (approximately 24 , 3dc clusters)

4. Repeat step 2 at next corner, along co edge *skip 3 knit stitches and create a new hole 3 dc into that hole, ch 2* continue across.

5. Repeat step 2 at next corner and then repeat step 3 along other slip stitch edge. Join together with a sl st.

6. Change color and ch 3 (this ch 3 counts as one double crochet) 2 dc, ch 2, in next ch 2 space *3 dc, ch 2* repeat this around making corners with 3 dc, ch 3, 3dc, in all corners.

7. Repeat step 5 until you are happy with the size of your border. Finish off by sc along the top edge.

Weave in ends

Free Patterns

Be Mine Felted Bowl


220 Yards of Cascade 220

Size 10-40” Circular Needle


With circular needle and yarn doubled cast on 88 sts, using the magic loop method, knit every round until piece measures 6 inches.

Decrease as follows:

Round 1: *K6, K2 tog rep from * to end of round

Round 2 and every alternate round knit

Round 3: *K5, K2 tog rep from * to end of round

Round 5: *K4, K2 tog rep from * to end of round

Round 7: *K3, K2 tog rep from * to end of round

Round 9: *K2, K2 tog rep from * to end of round

Round 11: *K1, K2 tog rep from * to end of round

Round 13: *K2tog rep from* to end of round

Break yarn leaving a 6 inch tail,

Thread tail through remaining sts, draw up and secure.  Darn in all loose ends.  Felt by putting the bowl in a washing machine on hot water.  We washed ours twice on a  normal hot cycle.  Shape by placing a bowl (close to the same size) and stretching your felted fabric over the bowl, let dry.  Needle felt heart.

Free Patterns

Paper Poncho


3 Skeins of Feza ALP Natural


Size 9-24” Circular Needles


4-5sts. Per Inch

CO 88 Sts.

Knit in Stockinette Stitch until last yarn type remains, BO.

Fold piece in half with wrong sides facing each other (BO and CO should be touching each other) seam one edge from the BO, CO corner up the piece 18” weave in ends.

Free Patterns

Silk Jewel Scarf

Yarn: 1 Hank of Silk Jewel

Needles: 10-24″ Circular

CO 3

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: KFB, Knit to last st., KFB

Repeat rows 1 & 2 until you have 5-6 yards of yarn left and BO.

Free Patterns

Claire Cowl Pattern

Before you begin,

  1. Buy a pair of #8 Clover wooden needles at L&B. They’re inexpensive ($4.79 I think) and THE ONLY way to knit successfully with Kidsilk Haze.
  2. Buy one 25 gram ball of Kidsilk Haze for one cowl or one ball of the super size (50 gram) Kidsilk Haze for two cowls.
  3. Look in your stash for a small ball of waste yarn (solid, light color works best) and a medium size crochet hook.

To start:

“Provisional cast on” sounds scary, but it’s very simple. With the waste yarn and crochet hook, make a slip knot and chain 39 stitches. Cut thread and pull through last chain. Turn the chain over so you can see the “bumps” on back side. Using crochet hook, pull Kidsilk Haze through the 4th or 5th chain from the end and put stitch on #8 knitting needle. This is your first stitch of the cowl. Continue to pick up stitches until you have 29 on the needle. There will be a few waste yarn stitches left over. Let them dangle.


Knit 3, *yarn over, purl 2 together, knit 5; repeat from * to last 5 stitches, then yarn over, purl 2 together, knit 3. Repeat this row until you have 42 inches.


  1. Carefully, unknot an end of the provisional cast on and gently pull the yarn out, putting the 29 live stitches on a spare needle. With something other than Kidsilk Haze, the waste yarn would rip out easily (like the old flour bags used to do), but Kidsilk Haze is reluctant to let go and has to be treated gently.
  2. Holding right sides of the cowl together and with a third #8 needle, do a 3-needle bind-off.


Free Patterns

Self-Fringing Shawl Pattern

Yarn: Customer Choice (shown in Rowan Purelife “Revive,” 4 skeins)

Fiber: Customer Choice

Needles: Yarn Calls For (sample knit with size 6 needle, which is what the yarn called for)

Yards:  Customer Choice 250 + Yards

Step 1: CO 6

Step 2: K 6

Step 3: P 6

Step 4: (RS) K4, PM, M1 K to end*

Step 5: (WS) P entire row*

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 & 5: Continue until piece is at desirable length

Step 7: (RS) K4, PM, K2tog K to end

Step 8: Purl

Step 9: Repeat steps 7 &8 until 6 sts remain

Step 10:  BO 1 st on WS and pull tail through remaining stitch. You will still have 4 live sts on needle.

Step 11: Drop 4 remaining sts and unravel for fringe.

Free Patterns

Lumpy Bumpy Fingerless Gloves

Lumpy Bumpy Yarn

Needle Size: US 10 double points or 40″ circular if you want to use the magic loop method

Yarn: Farmhouse Yarn Lumpy Bumpy by Charlene

Cast on 24 st, join to knit in round being careful not to twist

Rows 1-6: K1, p1 ribbing.  Remember to knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches!

Rows 7 & 8: K

Row 9: K1 front & back, k 12, k1 front & back, knit 11 (26 sts).

Row 10: K

Row 11: K1 front & back, k 12, k1 front & back, knit 12 (28 sts).

Row 12-17: K

Row 18-21: This is the thumb hole! Knit in stockinette without knitting in the round.  Purl first row, knit the second, purl the third, and knit the fourth.  On the last stitch of the fourth row: k front & back

Row 22-25: Join again to knit in the round and k all rows

Row 26: K2tog, k 12, k2tog, k 13

Row 27: K 13, k2tog, k 13

Row 28-29: K

Rows 30-35: k1, p1 ribbing

Bind off

Weave in tails.

Free Patterns

Summer Apron

Mission Falls 1824 Cotton

Materials:  5 Balls Mission Falls 1824 Cotton

CO 131

Knit 4 rows

Row 1: K 4 st, K1 *p1,k3* to last 4 st K 4

Row 2: K4 st, p all st to last 4 st, K4

Row 3: K4 st, K3 *p1,k3* to last 4 st K4

Row 4: K4 st, p all st to last 4 st, K4

Repeat these 4 pattern rows until piece measures 14 inches long BO.


CO 14

Knit for 52 inches long BO


When both pieces are complete, fold each piece to find center (center is fold) place marker.  You will need to measure the waist from each side of hips to center.  This will determine where to place the apron on the waistband.  On apron piece, from side to center fold, make gathers evenly on each side.  Place and pin pieces together, matching center makers and stitch together.  Now fold waist band over and whip stitch it closed.  This makes the finished product tidy.  The waistband is open where it is not joined to the apron making for a cute tie in the back.

Free Patterns

Stuffed Owl

Cotton Stria

Needles: Size 7-32”-40” Circular

Material: MC-1 Skein Manos Del Uruguay Cotton Stria

Partial Skein of Orange, Partial Skein of White

Felt for Eyes, Stuffing


Using Magic CO method CO 30 sts per needle (60 sts total)

Note: Owl will be knitted in the round using magic loop

K 3 rounds

K1 inc f&b, k to 2nd to last st on needle, inc f&b k1continue on 2nd needle

K 8 rounds

Repeat last 2 steps 4 times

K 1 K2tog k to 3rd to last st on needle k2tog k1

K 2 rounds

Repeat last 2 steps until 32 st remain on each needle

K 10 rounds


BO using 3 needle BO

Tack ears


CO 6 sts divide on 2 needles using magic loop method

K 1 round

Inc in every st by inc front & back (12 sts)

K 1 round

K 2 inc front & back repeat for entire round

K 1 round

K3 inc front & back repeat for entire round

K1 round

K4 inc front & back repeat for entire round

K1 round

K5 inc front & back repeat for entire round

K1 round



CO 3

Inc front & back, k1, inc front & back

Inc front & back, k3, inc front & back

Inc front & back, k5, inc front & back



Make 2-18” 5 st i-cords

Make 2 pom poms attach to bottom of legs

Sew eyes, nose, and legs to body, glue felt eyes to white eyes.

Free Patterns

Wine Cozy

1824 Wool

Mission Falls 1824 Wool (2 skeins)

Size 8 US Needles Double Points

CO 40 (Divide Sts on 4 needles)

Work in round for 10 inches (includes for the Stst roll)

*K 6 K2tog* repeat across round (30sts)

*K2, P2* repeat for 2 rounds

*YO, K2tog* evenly across 30 sts 5 times (30sts)

*K2, P2* repeat for 4 inches

BO 30 sts

Crochet a 30 inch chain and weave through the YO as a tie.