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Closed for Independence Day Weekend

L & B Yarn Co. will be closed July 3rd, July 4th, and July 5th for Independence Day.  Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

Announcements, Products

New Interlacements Woollee


A new shipment of Woollee is here and who can resist this 16 oz. hank of hand-dyed wool!


With approximately 725 yards of aran weight yarn in each giant hank we have 12 colors available including: Mardi Gras, Stained Glass, Bachelor Buttons, Madame, Ice Princess, Canyon Lands, Las Vegas Brights, Chairman of the Board, and Wagon Wheel Gap.


Interlacements clear colors mingle to create additional striking colors which is their claim to fame.  Come by to take a look for yourself, the colors are stunning. -B


Campfire Shawl

Campfireshawl_1This lovely piece is knitted out of four balls of Classic Elite Firefly, the perfect summer weight yarn in a blend of viscose and linen, made in Italy.  The yarn has a unique texture with a slightly slubby but soft texture and a beautiful, glowing sheen.  The drape on Firefly is incredible and it blocks out wonderfully.


This shawl is the perfect size and weight to keep your shoulders warm on cool summer nights.  This shawl begins at the long side and then decreases by four stitches every row, one on each edge and a double decrease down the center of the piece.  I love the eyelet pattern paired with the rib on the edge adding interest and texture.


The pattern is easy to read and offers written instructions as well as a chart, perfect for every knitter.  You can check out the free pattern by clicking here. -B


Owl Basket

Owl Basket_1_edited-1

Usually we associate owls with intellectual wisdom or wisdom of the soul.  They are often seen as mysterious, mostly because many owls are strictly nocturnal and we have always found night to be full of mystery and the unknown.  I have just always loved anything owl; jewelry, clothing with owl print, and anything home decor.

Owl Basket_2

When I saw this pattern on Ravelry, I knew Leslie or I had to make it.  Of course with her speed of completing projects she beat me to the punch.  She used 2 skeins of Cascade Eco Wool and a size M crochet hook.  To get the large gauge you need to hold 4 strands together for this super thick sturdy fabric.  It is perfect for holding anything, but I think mine would need to be filled with yarn ;)  The finished basket is sturdy enough to stand up on its own or for easy storage just lay it flat.  You can get your copy of the pattern on Ravelry, just click here. -B

Announcements, Products

Blue Moon Arrival

Socks that Rock_1

A new shipment of Blue Moon is here!!  Come in to see all of the Socks that Rock, 100% Superwash Merino at 405 yards.


Twisted, 100% Merino Wool at 560 yards.  Last but not least Silky Victoria 85% Polworth Wool, 15% Silk at 695 yards.


What will you make with your favorite color?  -B


Noro Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf

Queen Anne_1

The Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf, as published by Khebhin Gibbons on his blog, 1craftyboy, is just about the perfect spring scarf, very open and airy.  This clever chain of crochet motifs looks great in virtually any yarn weight, composition or color.  It is especially fetching crocheted with Noro Silk Garden Sock because of how the yarn changes tones and colors as you are crocheting.

Queen Anne_3

Leslie crocheted this one out of a single skein and used a size g hook.  The scarf measures over 95 inches and with yarn left over, you could make it longer if you are wanting to wrap it several times.  It’s fun to wear with jeans or as a dressy lace addition to your favorite summer dress.

Queen Anne_2

In either case, it’s a very satisfying way to be complimented by perfect strangers.  The delicate pattern reminds me of intricate Victorian lace very feminine and beautiful. -B


Sakasama Jacket


I absolutely LOVE this jacket!!  It is so versatile it can be worn right side up, upside down and even inside out to create different looks and textures.


Leslie knitted this must have in your wardrobe transformable jacket out of 3 skeins of Madelinetosh Prairie held double.  The yarn knits up beautifully holding the two strands together adding more texture and dimension to the finished piece.


When worn one way the jacket provides a really nice shawl collar giving the jacket a polished look.  Turn it upside down and you get large lapels that drape on sides for a more casual feel.


With minimal seaming only at the armholes you can wear the garment inside out, oh so cool.  This jacket is perfect to grab for cool evenings out and will look great dressed up with slacks, with your favorite pair of jeans, or it would even be cute over a dress.


I am definitely going to talk Leslie into letting me take it off her hands, its a must have.  To take a look at the pattern by Olga Buraya-Kefelian just click here. -B

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F.E.A.T. Age of Brass and Seam

Age of Steam_4

In the month of June we are hosting The Age of Brass and Steam a project in our F.E.A.T. series.  Remember F.E.A.T. is an acronym standing for Fiber, Explanation, and Tea.  We are offering the gathering in the afternoon on Wednesday, June 17th from 1:00pm-2:00pm.  The gathering will focus on the current project and we will discuss the why we chose it, offer an abundance of information on the yarn (Fancy Tempo) and fiber, conversation, and of course, tea.  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that it’s entirely free!  And not only is it free, but you will also enjoy the benefit of receiving a discount on the featured yarn if you choose to purchase it after the meeting. -B & Michael

Announcements, Community

Closed for Independence Day Weekend

L & B Yarn Co. will be closed July 3rd, July 4th, and July 5th for Independence Day.  Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!


The Age of Brass and Steam

Age of Steam_1

With all of this rainy weather and being stuck indoors for the majority of a weekend, which is never a bad thing when you love to knit, I was able to knit this little kerchief up quickly.  It’s a simple knit with sections of stockinette stitch alternating with a garter ribbed eyelet section which adds some interest to the piece.

Age of Steam_4

Beginning in the top center by knitting a shawl tab the kerchief gets larger as you go and could even be made bigger by adding more repeats.  I couldn’t wait to knit this kerchief with Fancy Tempo by Filatura Di Crosa, a subtly rustic cotton blend yarn that combines 3 strands: a multicolored print, a contrasting thick & thin and a nubby tweed that all together create a Missoni type effect.

Age of Steam_2

You can knit the kerchief with just 2 balls of yarn and I had a little left over.  I knit this one on size 8-32″ needles which gave me a nice loose gauge perfect to accent my summer wardrobe.  I love the colors and textures in the yarn and it washed and blocked nicely.  To take a look at the free pattern just click here. -B






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