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Felted Candy Corn


Around different holidays I start thinking of ways to knit holiday specific projects.  This year I decided to make candy corn and I was pleased with how they turned out.

You are probably asking yourself, “what am I going to do with 4″ x 3″ candy corn?”  There are lots of fun ways you can use these to decorate.


Use them as a center piece on your dining table or place them  between accessories on an entry table.  I think it would be cute to get a huge vase or bowl and fill the entire vase up with candy corn and pine cones.  My son was so excited when I was knitting these he wanted to make one for everyone in the family.


I actually finished the first one late one evening and set it on my bed side table to dry and when he woke up the next morning that was the first thing he saw and ended up carrying around with him all day long.  So who knew they could also be used for toys.


It is a fast project you can finish one candy corn in just a couple of hours so you can have several knitted in one week.  You can find the pattern on ravelry just click here! -B

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Potholder Swap

If you keep up with L & B on Ravelry you might have noticed some information about the Potholder Swap.  If you are interested in joining in the fun you can click here to see the hosts rules.


Frivola Scarves


Fall is finally here and it is time to start working on projects that keep us warm as well as fashionable.  Too warm for a traditional scarf? Well, combine easy crochet or knit with trendy Frivola yarn and “voila!” you have a light and stylish scarf, ready to wear.

Frivola yarn

Frivola, from Trendsetter, could be described as knitting or crocheting with sparkly poofs of color. The giant, ultra soft pom-pom balls are strung along a binder string to create an exotic novelty yarn.

Even though this yarn looks expensive, these scarf patterns are affordable for anyone who is ready to begin on holiday projects.  Frivola allows you to use simple techniques to create a complex look in a very short time.

Trendsetter Yarn

For the knitted version pictured in pinks and browns you will need 3 balls of your favorite color.  Then, just cast on 6 and knit until the yarn is gone.  For the crochet version pictured in solid brown you only need 1 ball!  Just click here for the pattern.

Trendsetter Yarn

Knitters and crocheters will look twice as they pass you by wondering how you were able to create such a fun fall accessory. -B





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